Friday, April 3, 2009

everybody's a bit of a ....

In my opinion, Steve Coogan is a comic genius. His stand-up show kicked off last thursday at the Melbourne comedy festival.  For those in the dark, Coogan burst onto the global stage with his staring role in Michael Winterbottom's '24 Hour Party People'; recounting Tony Wilson and the demise of Factory Records.

Others may remember him more fondly from his character in the award winning BBC drama I'm Alan Partridge.  A self-proclaimed sex addict, cocaine-fuelled bastard, one could argue Alan Partidge is Coogan's embellished alter ego- but I'll leave that for the viewers to decide!

Coogan's closing words "everybody's a bit of a c--- sometimes" sums up the shows modern take on Monty Python theatrics perfectly.  

You can't find the stand-up show online, but there are loads of Alan Partidge clips around: