Wednesday, September 3, 2008

deco is vanity triumphant...

Binding by Madeleine Kohn (France, 1924) for Tendres Stocks.
Reddish-brown leather with green onlays, gold and black tooling.
Furnishing fabric, printed linen, British. 1925
Book binding for Le Jardin des caresses:traduit de l'arabe by Pierre Legrain.  France, 1914
Brown leather with onlays of cream, green, black, beige and brown, gold, black and brown tooling.  

"Deco is vanity triumphant, the championing of style for fashion's sake; it is bad taste to perfection." Robert, Nelson, The Age, July 2 2008.

A recent visit to the current show at NGV; Art Devo 1910 - 1939, stumbled upon some fantastic new discoveries.  In particular, deco leather carved book covers, coco chanel gowns, cartier jewellery, furniture constructed with ebony and ivory, and geometric fabric designs.